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CCC (Certified Change Consultant)
from Enterprise Agility University

If you or your team are struggling to gain momentum with your company’s change, find hard to scale ideas and mindsets, or find high levels of resistance in your company, then this course is for you. This two full-days / five half-days workshop develops an understanding and skills in change leadership techniques to be leveraged by Organizational Leaders, Change-Agents, Scrum Masters, Product Owners in a variety of large-scale contexts. By completing the training, you will have valuable tools to be part of a transformation team.


Virtual Classroom: 6 days

45 Hours

Who should attend

Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Consultants, HR Managers, Leaders or anyone interested to in accelerating change in the company will find value in this course. It introduces new advanced ideas, concepts, and models to expand agility across the whole organization. Irrespective of the size, market or the age of the organization, this course brings new techniques to cope with market disruptions, create innovation, and increase the flexibility and resilience of the company. It develops understanding and skills in change leadership techniques to be leveraged by Organizational Leaders, Change Agents, Scrum Masters, Product Owners in a variety of large-scale contexts.

Course Objectives

What Will You Receive


  • The current challenges with market strategy, and execution across your organization.

  • Different techniques when transforming/changing traditional companies.

  • How organizations can deliver value in disruptive markets while maintaining innovation.


  • The most suitable organization structures and team design, and analyze different approaches for alignment to value delivery.

  • The way the brain works during change, and become skilled in accelerating change across diverse organizational structures/silos.


  • The impact of accelerated change on leaders, Management, and team members, and how to deal with it when facing disruptive markets.

  • How to use the five pillars of Enterprise Agility to design a Leadership & Culture Transformation Strategy that enables a solid and long-lasting ability to deliver change.

  • A copy of the best-selling book “Leading Exponential Change”, 2nd. Edition, by Erich Buhler, to understand how change works in resilient companies.

  • Access to the Enterprise Agility Master book that you will use during the course to empower your learnings, with exercises and key materials to help during and after the workshop.

  • Access to our student platform. This will allow you to access articles on organizational change, and to be in contact with other professionals in the field and job offers.

  • Access to a WhatsApp group to support participants during the course.

  • 16 professional development hours to renew your certification with Scrum Alliance, PMI or IIBA.

  • Two attempts at the exam to become a Certified Change Consultant in Enterprise Agility. After passing the exam, the student will obtain the Certified Change Consultant (CCC) certificate.


Principles of Change and Enterprise Agility

  • Fundamentals of ways to create flexible and resilient companies.

  • Context to Enterprise Agility and transformation

  • The six principles for change, technical agility strategies, practices for dealing with exponential change.

  • How to create the organizational alignment to maximize innovation and business value delivered.


Planning for Change

  • Five types of change tactics.

  • Maximize the impact and influence people’s behaviors so that there can be more innovation and business value sustainably delivered to the customer.

  • Organizational psychology, culture, and how to work with teams with variable or low motivation so that they can achieve their goals.

  • Good practices to apply when there are teams with great diversity, and the relationship between business value and organizational health.


Neuroscience of Change and Change Framework

  • New enterprise agility strategies to help companies that are late adopters, or where there is a high resistance to change.

  • Fundamentals of what happens in employees’ brains during a company’s transformation.

  • Making better decisions regarding change strategies.

  • Relationship between change and the neuroscience of change, and an innovative and powerful framework that enables comfortably working with individuals with different types of resistance to change.


Aligning for Enterprise Agility

  • Enterprise agility concepts related to rapid alignment, which minimizes conflict in teams or organizations.

  • Crucial concepts for resilient companies, such as mental agility, neuroplasticity, and how to use new techniques to increase people’s flexibility, so that they can also better manage their emotions when exposed to disruptive changes.


Creating Powerful Change Strategies

  • Comprehensive model for enterprise agility to create powerful change strategies.

  • How best to create a change plan that consistently aligns with the organization’s strategy. This will accelerate the adoption of change and enable employees to have low resistance while also maintaining low levels of conflict in the teams.

  • Social agility to maintain high levels of knowledge fluency, and remote work theories.

  • Practice to take the organization to a new level.

  • Measure an organization’s enterprise agility. 

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